The CRISPR Revolution

CRISPR is having a huge impact on the modern lab. Scientists can design custom oligos to build CRISPR oligo libraries. CRISPR screens contribute to our ability to discover and dissect novel biological mechanisms, targeting locations in the genome with specificity and efficiency. 

Whether you’re using oligos for gene editing or genome-wide CRISPR screening, it’s imperative you use the highest quality tools when building CRISPR libraries. Our industry-leading error rate and uniform sequence representation result in high quality custom oligo libraries that enable the most efficient CRISPR screens.

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This free eBook compiles the latest research on the ways CRISPR/Cas9 is modifying the life science landscape. With your eBook download, you’ll also receive the Twist Oligo Pools Product Sheet, which highlights how we can help you build custom CRISPR libraries.

The eBook is divided into two sections. Section one introduces the basic science behind CRISPR/Cas9-mediated genome engineering, while the second section addresses more advanced applications, including methylome editing and genetic screening.


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Design oligo pools for CRISPR library generation.

The Twist Bioscience custom oligo pool synthesis service enables massively parallel production of diverse, high-quality, and accurate oligonucleotide pools.

Create an oligo library with Twist custom oligos.

The Twist Bioscience DNA synthesis platform enables generation of uniform, high quality, scalable oligo pools of any size, for the most efficient and targeted CRISPR screens.